Soul Leaders of the Future: Behind the Design


The Soul Leaders of the Future tee. This is dedicated to all the individuals striving to accomplish something great with their lives. Those who want to make some lasting impression by utilizing their talents to helping others and themselves. The future lies within us, and we’re all able to lead it in our own way.

Hey everyone, this is Jordan and I wanted to go a little in depth on the process behind the “Soul Leaders of the Future” t-shirt design.

Given the response we’ve had, it’s been one of the favorites from our SAY|ONE collection. I didn’t expect people to like it enough to buy it, but some did and we are all so grateful for you. It was fun to create and I thought it would be something different for me to talk about the whole process. Mainly the phrase itself.

I’m one to usually implement type and lettering into my work, so I knew I wanted to utilize a phrase for the shirt. A phrase that would reflect the brand and the people.



At first, I wanted to make up a phrase around the brand initials “SLV.” Coming up with a word that started with a “V” was the only difficulty that hit me in the head many times. 

In my mind, I wanted the phrase to be meaningful and have a powerful message. Something that would get the attention of people. "Sole Leaders" was the start of it. It rolled off my tongue right away and it just sounded pretty dope. As mentioned, that V word was difficult to come up with. I went over different ideas with team and they mentioned it would be a little too tough to proceed with that idea. This allowed me to think more freely and to move past that small headache.

I reflected back to our slogan “Unity Through Individuality.” In a previous post I discussed the meaning behind it. You can read the full post here.

But to briefly put it, we’re all different, and what makes us different brings us together. 

From there you can see that Sole, meaning “being the only one," reflects our individuality. 

Each of us have different talents, and those talents are able to help one another. People turn to you and I for advice, given our respected field, and vice versa. We’re able to help lead those with the things we do best. 

Then that’s where “of the Future” seeped its way in. Sole Leaders of the Future. Many of us are going all in on the things that we enjoy doing to help supply our future.

I was teetering with the word “Sole." It didn’t seem to look right within the whole phrase.

What came to mind was the word’s similar sounding counterpart, “Soul.”

Soul stood out more to the group and myself. This word seemed more relative to our Individuality. If you think about it, our souls are really make us the way we are. It’s what really distinguishes us from one another.

Overall, it looked better in the full phrase… “Soul Leaders of the Future."

From then on, the design execution just flowed on and came to what it is now.



We’re all ever-growing to be our best selves. Doing and practicing the things we want to accomplish in our lives. I wanted to, we wanted to create a t-shirt and brand that reflects your journey into that. We are all leading our way into the future to do something that is meaningful to us and hopefully to others.