"SAY | ONE" is Now LIVE!

Hey everyone! We are excited to finally have our first Collection “SAY | ONE” live up on the shop. Here's a little behind the scenes trailer:

It’s been a rough year ( a little less than a year) through working around some of the team's busy schedules, the creative process, doing research, finding what did and didn’t work, trying to keep the level of excitement around, and so on, but we were able to keep at it and continue to make moves to build the brand.

That’s life though (no... well yeah, pun intended, haha). No matter how difficult things may be, the work has to be done. Goes to say for anyone really building a brand and company.

This is going to be a fun, yet difficult journey. We're sure that this will definitely work out for the better as we embrace a tough battle. We’re really glad that any of you have come along to support and follow us on to something that can be great.

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Thank you again, and don’t forget to check out our collection through our lookbook and online shop.

Also, we have a short music playlist that we’ll be updating every other week with some of our favorite songs. So if you’re ever working and in need of something to keep your momentum going, our playlist could do you justice. You can access it by clicking here.

We appreciate your time and all your support. Much love to you!

- SayLaaVie Team