Meet the SayLaaVie Team

SayLaaVie is a brand that is powered by "Individuals" who all bring something different to the table to create something meaningful. It's what inspired our motto "Unity Through Individuality." It's what we live by and want you to embody. Your difference is meaningful to others.

 Now that SayLaaVie has been around for a month, we feel it's time you should get to know a little bit of the "Individuals" behind the brand. Here are brief comments from each of the team members:


Jordan Cuellar

Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Jordan Cuellar and I’m one of the main designers and wear many other hats. I have a background in graphic design and hand-lettering and applying much of that into this brand.

SayLaaVie to me is a creative outlet to express my individuality. It’s being able to use my skills in another medium and learn more on growing a business. It's being able to create with like minded folks in an industry I’ve always had an interest in designing in.

My goals are to inspire and influence others with what we do. I’m hoping to help create something that can act as a lifestyle in empowering and embracing our inner beings and “individuality.” With time and effort, I see this as becoming more than just another apparel brand. Nothing much else I can say, but to keep an eye out on what’s to come.

I hope you join us in our growth and journey to something great. It wouldn’t be anything without any of you. Thank you for your time and much love to ya!
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Imran Ashraf

My name is Imran Ashraf and I am really proud to be on the SayLaaVie team. I have a background in clothing companies (creating, managing, designing, etc.) as well as music, photography and videography. The main function I am able to serve at SayLaaVie is marketing, sales, financial planning and production of garments.

SayLaaVie to me means being yourself and taking pride in yourself. When I was younger I always let people define who I was, and it wasn’t until I broke away from that is when I felt free. I try anything I want to without fear and dabble in any hobby or field I please. That is what I think SayLaaVie embodies. No judgement. Embrace your individuality.

In all aspects of my career, my goal is always to inspire and help others, whether that be motivating or influencing them, SayLaaVie is a perfect way to encourage that. As a company and as a team we are all dedicated to do just that.

I appreciate your time for reading this post and I hope that you too join us in spreading “Unity Through Individuality”. Thank you.
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Alfred Harris

Hey! My name is Alfred Harris. I work mainly with the design aspect of SayLaaVie. I come from a graphic design background and enjoy honing my craft and expanding my knowledge on a daily basis.

SayLaaVie has become, just as much a learning experience, as it has become a brand a couple of like minded individuals have created. Not only has it allowed for us to experience the trials of running a business but also has started as a new creative avenue for us to explore.

To me the brand represents our efforts as 5 individuals to come together and create something meaningful. My aim is for us to manifest as a brand that represents others and allows for their input to influence our story. Eventually I hope we become a true lifestyle brand that separates itself from the status quo.

In the end, my goal is to create a forum for us to inspire others and for others to inspire us, and create a culture of embracing individuality.
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Sheila Castillo

My name is Sheila and I'm a self proclaimed humanitarian born and raised in Orange, California. I currently live in Chicago, IL while I pursue a Master's in Social Work. I'm passionate about loving people, serving people… and Kendrick Lamar lyrics.

For me, SayLaaVie gives me a voice to express what I am passionate about with likeminded people; however, I love diversity and hope for SLV to bring together people from all walks of life, with different gifts, talents and experiences, to spread a positive message that our generation can believe in. Unity Through Individuality.

My goal in life is to help the people around me live to their full potential and find their purpose in life-because I believe we are all born with a purpose to share with the world.
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Victor Hernandez

What Saylaavie means to me is very simple, but can easily be a three hour conversation with ins and outs (and maybe a couple food runs in between_.

What it means to me is individuality. That's it. It's so important to keep that word deeply rooted to the brand because what is scarier than losing oneself for whatever reason?

As a clothing brand, it's super important to reflect the wearer and who they are because clothing is easily first impressions are based on when meeting someone.

With that being said, we strive to insure that or brand is up to expectations and quality - that way our clothes aren't so much creating the person you are but "enhancing"  the person you already and will become.
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Thank you for taking the time to getting to know a little bit about who we are and why we do what we do. Keep a lookout on more things to come. 

Peace and love to you all!